Most of my time working on this project was about listening. Listening to the brand advocates about how the brand looks, speaks, and most of all feels when a customer interacts with it. The website, booking, and app had to adhere to those guidelines from the very begining.

Below are some of the designs I created.

After diving deep into the brand, userflows and usertesting, David Coba was most excited for the visuals. I create a stylecape to hone in on design styles for the look and feel, choosings, fonts, colors, and imagery that fit the new look.

Extensive user research and testing was used to get to the visual design. These design show were we ended up with after gathering loads of data to implement.

Resevervations is key to this redesign. Designing a more easy to use and pleasant experience was the number one goal. These screens along with many more were created to onboard the user depending on the what type of user they were. Based on that data, the flow would change automatically.