Interaction Design & Visual Design

Design: Figma, Miro, XD, Principle & Adobe Creative Suite

Site map, Low-fidelity wireframes, High-fidelity mockups and prototypes, Usability tests and Animations


Beautiful Women between 18-45

Time Frame
8 Months


European Wax Center is a leading beauty and lifestyle brand, renowned for its expertise in comfortable and confidence-boosting waxing experiences. I played a pivotal role in crafting the visual design and enhancing user interactions, resulting in a user-friendly online space that not only mirrors their brand essence but also captivates customers seamlessly.


Micro Interactions

Leveraging microinteraction methods, I integrated animations and responsive elements strategically, aiming to elevate and enrich the overall user experience. These carefully crafted microinteractions not only provide users with intuitive feedback but also contribute to a visually engaging and seamless interaction with the interface.

Lessons Learned

Collaborating with the CEO presents both advantages and challenges. On the positive side, rapid decision-making expedites project progression with streamlined approvals. However, this approach tends to isolate other stakeholders within the company. In the course of this project, the CEO retired, leading to the project's demise and the loss of rapport we had established. Had we involved additional stakeholders in the process, these exceptional designs could have seen fruition. Reflecting on this, I've learned that despite the directive to seek approval solely from the CEO, it might have been beneficial to share progress with other stakeholders. Gathering insights from a broader perspective could have not only strengthened rapport but also ensured the realization of these outstanding designs.