Product Owner, UX Research, Visual Design, Email Marketing, & Brand Strategy

Design: Figma, Miro, Adobe Creative Suite, Klaviyo, & Shopify.
Programming: .NET Core & Google Optimize

Brand Guidlines, Competitive analsys, User surveys and one-on-one interviews, Site map, Low-fidelity wireframes, High-fidelity mockups and prototypes, and Usability tests and findings


Hunting and Fishing enthusiast

Time Frame
3.5 Years


Buddy Outdoors was conceived with the objective of elevating the experience for hunters and anglers. Their mission involves the curation of premium products delivered on a quarterly basis. My role encompassed brand development, design, and marketing efforts, tailored to engage a diverse audiences.


Data driven design

Similar to all e-commerce enterprises, Buddy Outdoors leveraged design strategies to drive results. Every landing page underwent multiple iterations to guarantee optimal performance. In instances where abandonment metrics were elevated, user flows were meticulously crafted to illuminate decision-making dynamics throughout the customer journey. Essential tools such as Google Analytics and Google Optimize were instrumental in tracking and testing pages, playing a pivotal role in converting leads into customers.

Enhancing Product Page Performance

Leveraging Google Optimize, I implemented incremental iterations, gradually enhancing conversions on the product page. Text, images, and various dynamic features were systematically tested to optimize performance and achieve the best results. Below are some examples and findings highlighting the outcomes of these tests.

Crafting Tailored Email Flows

Nurturing prospects, engaging with existing customers, and purging unengaged customers are several ways to optimize your email performance. These workflows were meticulously designed to map out the intricate touchpoints a customer experiences post-purchase. Active engagement during this crucial stage is as paramount as the initial conversion. Ultimately, these customers evolve into advocates, contributing to the valuable social proof needed for your business to thrive.

Lessons Learned

1. Analyzing User Data
Within the e-commerce landscape, data holds immense significance. Sorting through vast amounts of information can be overwhelming. I've come to realize that pinpointing data that truly drives impact is crucial for the success of the business.

2. Customer Journey
Your customers embark on a journey long before interacting with your website or app, and it extends beyond the point of conversion. I've come to understand that leveraging email, SMS, ads, and various communication channels to maintain a continual presence is instrumental in fostering lasting customer relationships.

3. Streamlining Decision-Making with Rapid Prototyping
Integrating prototypes and user testing into team discussions significantly enhances the decision-making process. These tools offer real insights into customer interactions, providing valuable context. I've discovered that, while user tests are crucial, selecting the right user for the test holds even greater significance.